The Power of Self-Investment: Insights from Digital Entrepreneur Justin Schenck

In an atmosphere rife with entrepreneurial spirit, I sat down with the dynamic digital entrepreneur, Justin Schenck, on the latest installment of “Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast.” Hosted by the quintessential guide through the digital landscape, Phil Better, this episode was a masterclass on what it truly means for entrepreneurs to invest in themselves.

Phil Better, drawing parallels between the liberty of self-employment and striking out on our own after high school, set the scene for an engaging discussion about the transition from dead-end day jobs to the boundless ecosystem of digital entrepreneurship. 

Justin Schenck, with the poise of someone who’s navigated rough seas and emerged a seasoned sailor, imparted wisdom that transcended the usual hustle mantra. “It’s about efficiency, it’s about time management,” Schenck said, hammering the point home with a caution about the allure and pitfalls of hustle culture. “Make your daily to-do lists – but remember, it’s not about how many hours you put in, but what you put into those hours.”

Schenck’s emphasis on the significance of overcoming adversity spoke to the resilient core of the entrepreneur’s journey. Citing the profound personal impact of his mother’s death, he shared, “Life happens for us, not to us,” a mindset that, according to him, is integral to weathering the storms of business life. Self-care emerged as a recurrent theme, with Schenck insisting on the interconnectivity between personal well-being and professional success.

A poignant reflection punctuated the conversation as Schenck recounted a ‘pinch-me’ moment connecting with chef Fabio Viviani, not just as a high-profile podcast guest but as a friend. His recounting was more than a star-studded anecdote; it illustrated the meaningful connections that can arise when we courageously reach out to others.

Beyond the entrepreneurial grind, Schenck championed the idea of embracing new experiences, sharing his delightful escapade of swimming with dolphins in Key Largo, Florida. “Try something new again,” he urged listeners, reminding us that fresh experiences can reignite the embers of our creativity and passion.

The commercial side of podcasting wasn’t left untouched in the conversation. Schenck’s accidental foray into monetizing his passion for meaningful conversations has seen his podcast soar to impressive heights, landing him on Inc. Magazine’s radar as a top-listed show for entrepreneurs. With this, Justin leads by example, showing how building a business around one’s podcast is not just possible, but can be remarkably lucrative.

One particularly valuable nugget of wisdom came when Phil Better inquired about book recommendations. Justin suggested “The E-Myth” for those starting their entrepreneurial journey and “Who Moved My Cheese” for its timeless advice on adapting to change.

As a parting gift, Schenck shared a link to resources for budding podcast entrepreneurs, emphasizing the power of extending valuable offers to listeners. 

In closing, Phil Better remarked, “I might just steal some tips for myself,” a sentiment surely echoed by the audience, left richer with insights from Justin Schenck. For those looking to dive deep into the entrepreneurial realm, subscribing to Schenck’s “The Growth Now Movement” could be the next step in prioritizing your professional growth.

In a world that incessantly preaches about investing in stocks, startups, and the next big thing, sometimes the soundest investment is in ourselves. Justin Schenck’s narrative is a compelling testament to that truth.

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