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Invest in yourself the digital entrepreneur podcast.

Invest In Yourself: The Digital Entrepreneur Podcast

  • Our flagship podcast was launched on December 1st, 2020. After a year of failed attempts to invest in himself to become an Entrepreneur, Phil Better, aka The Podcast Mogul, took a step back to ask himself what he needed.

    That’s when Phil remembered that all great Entrepreneurs had Mentors, so he reached out to his network to connect with Entrepreneurs who were already established so he could learn from their guidance and pass on that knowledge to those looking for advice on this journey that Digital Entrepreneurship takes us on! 

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Invest in yourself podcast with Phil Better. The Podcast Series features insightful conversations and valuable advice to help you invest in yourself and unlock your true potential. Join Philip Better as he shares his expertise and guides you

Invest In Yourself: The Podcast Series

  • Long has the notion of podcasters failing to succeed; Phil Better decided he had had enough and set out to help podcasters enjoy the success they are searching for.

    Calling upon his decade of knowledge in the podcasting world and the hundreds of connections he had made with fellow podcasters, he launched the Podcast Series to share the knowledge he has as well as those podcasters who have reached levels of success with fellow podcasters looking to Invest in Themselves.

    Along the way, hear from those working in the Podcast industry who can share tips, tricks, and strategies that will help take your podcast from the unknown to a name in your niche!

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Invest in yourself through insightful podcasts on the housing hustle.

Invest In Yourself: The Housing Hustle Podcast

  • Joining the ranks of homeowners might be a far-reaching dream for many today, but investing in the real estate market is something everyone can do.

    Hear from those who started investing in real estate with next to nothing and grew their portfolio to the success they are today.

    Learn how they invested in themselves and acquired the knowledge that allowed them to flourish while you start your journey.

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Money Grows On Trees

Money Grows On Trees

  • Just like you, Lloyd Ross wasn’t taught anything about money during school, and it wasn’t until he experienced financial difficulty in his adult life that he sought out the simple truths of money that helped him to turn it all around and get he to where he is today.

    Let Lloyd guide you in his podcast, which is quick easy listen with episodes that are to the point. Lloyd has already help hundreds with his books, Money Grows on Trees & Money Buys Happiness now he wants to help you to Plant Your Money Tree and be where you want to be!

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Phil Better, The Podcast Mogul

Phil Better started his podcasting journey over a decade ago when he and a good friend recorded an unreleased episode of the podcast they were thinking of launching.


From then on, Phil fell in love with the medium of Podcasting. He devoured books, articles, and podcast episodes discussing everything about Podcasting.


In 2017, he launched The Phil Better Show, a podcast dedicated to movies and movie news. Spanning 122 episodes, with a recurring set of co-hosts, Phil placed the podcast on hold in 2020 and launched the Invest In Yourself Network of Podcasts, which have gone on to win awards, be invited to media at Entrepreneur events and many more amazing accomplishments.

Currently, Phil hosts The Digital Entrepreneur Podcast and the Podcast Series Podcast on the network.


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Lloyd J Ross, Millionaire Mentor

Lloyd James Ross serves as the Founder and Director of Money Buys Happiness LLC, a prominent company specializing in financial education, coaching, and engaging events.

With a remarkable track record of entrepreneurial success spanning various industries, Lloyd has attained the highest echelons in both network marketing and digital marketing. He is celebrated as a 2-Comma Club Award Winner by and holds the distinguished title of Legacy Club Millionaire with Isagenix LLC.

Moreover, he’s the esteemed host of the critically acclaimed podcast, “Money Grows On Trees,” which boasts over one hundred 5-star reviews, and aims to achieve one million downloads by the end of 2024. Lloyd is a seasoned international platform speaker, captivating audiences of 7,000+ worldwide with his inspiring keynote presentations.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Lloyd is a devoted husband to his beloved wife Alisha, and proud father of a charming sausage dog named Elvis. During his leisure moments, he immerses himself in writing books, globetrotting, and skillfully managing a personal multi-million-dollar share portfolio.

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