Harnessing the Power of Media and PR for Aspiring Entrepreneurs With Lauren Cobello

Becoming an entrepreneur can be a thrilling yet overwhelming journey. One of the most powerful tools in your entrepreneurial toolkit can be the effective use of media and public relations (PR). In a recent episode of “Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast,” host Phil Better sat down with digital entrepreneur and PR maven Lauren Cobello to discuss how she leveraged media exposure to build her businesses. In this blog post, we break down Lauren’s actionable advice so you can start applying her wisdom to your entrepreneurial endeavors today.

Leverage the Power of Books and PR Strategically

Lauren Cobello utilized books and strategic PR to grow her businesses and establish herself as an authority. As an entrepreneur, writing a book related to your niche can set you apart, provide immense value to your audience, and serve as a lead generation tool. Consider your expertise and how you can convert that into a published book to enhance your credibility and reach.

Master the DIY Spirit with Online Resources

Lauren’s journey to success began with a DIY attitude, teaching herself WordPress and other skills through online searches and determination. If you’re just starting out, use the wealth of free resources available online. Platforms like Google and YouTube are treasure troves for self-education. By investing time in learning, you can save money and gain valuable skills that will help propel your business forward.

Building Business Relationships through Generosity

Lauren emphasizes the importance of giving more than you take in business. This approach not only builds strong relationships but also creates a network of support and opportunities. Make it a point to offer value without always expecting something in return. This could be in the form of free resources, advice, or assistance. Such generosity is often reciprocated and can lead to unexpected partnerships and growth.

Utilizing Broadcast Television for Credibility and Trust

Appearing on TV can give a tremendous boost to your entrepreneurial profile. Lauren explains how one TV segment can be repurposed for various marketing efforts. If you have the opportunity, secure a TV appearance or contribute to a segment related to your industry. It adds trust and positions you above competition, whether you share this on your website, social media, or in your marketing materials.

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Align Your Business Role with “Rocket Fuel”

Understanding your role in your business is paramount. “Rocket Fuel” by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters is a book Lauren mentioned that helps entrepreneurs identify if they are visionaries or integrators. Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Are you the big-picture thinker or the one who executes the vision? This recognition will help you play to your strengths and find the right partners or team members to balance you out.

Embrace Authentically Raw Leadership

Lauren admits to ‘dropping the ball’ on occasion and stresses the need for authentic leadership. As a burgeoning entrepreneur, embrace your imperfections and be transparent with your team. Authenticity leads to trust and a supportive work culture that can weather the challenges of growing a business.

Use Newsjacking to Join Relevant Conversations

Newsjacking is the practice of capitalizing on current events to amplify your business’s message. Lauren suggests using this PR strategy to offer value and stay relevant. Keep an eye on the news cycle and find ways to contribute your expert opinion when it relates to your niche. This can garner media attention and position you as a thought leader.

Lauren Cobello’s experience in the world of PR and entrepreneurship provides a valuable guide for any aspiring entrepreneur. By strategically using media, mastering the DIY approach, building business relationships through generosity, leveraging broadcast television, identifying your business role, embracing authentic leadership, and using newsjacking, you can amplify your presence and establish your brand in the entrepreneurial world. Her advice, combined with your unique vision, can set you on the path to success. Remember, the entrepreneurial journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Take these actionable tips and start implementing them into your strategy today for long-term gains.

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