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Discover the blueprints of success as we interview individuals who have taken meaningful steps to enhance their lives, businesses, and the future. With over 700 insightful episodes featuring global experts, our podcast library rivals the knowledge found in most bookstores.


Take the first step in investing in yourself—explore the wealth of wisdom shared by our guests, and let us guide you to become the best version of yourself.

Recommended Podcast Episodes

To kickstart your self-investment journey, here are recommended podcast episodes tailored to different facets of personal development:

Promotional graphic for 'invest in yourself - the entrepreneurial voyage podcast' featuring host Phil Better and guest Tiago Faria discussing anti-marketing tactics.

Tiago Faria’s Journey from Google to Game-Changer in Entrepreneurship

Digital entrepreneur Tiago Faria shares invaluable insights on aligning daily actions with long-term visions, embracing anti-marketing strategies, and the importance of mentorship in the entrepreneurial journey.
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Tune in to the Invest in Yourself Podcast with Paul Better and Lauren, focusing on entrepreneurs and media.

Harnessing the Power of Media and PR for Aspiring Entrepreneurs With Lauren Cobello

Becoming an entrepreneur can be a thrilling yet overwhelming journey. One of the most powerful tools in your entrepreneurial toolkit can be the effective use of media and public relations (PR). In a recent episode of “Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast,” host Phil Better sat down with digital entrepreneur and PR maven Lauren…
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Invest in yourself with Peter Butler for entrepreneurial success.

The Power of Self-Investment: Insights from Digital Entrepreneur Justin Schenck

In an atmosphere rife with entrepreneurial spirit, I sat down with the dynamic digital entrepreneur, Justin Schenck, on the latest installment of “Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast.” Hosted by the quintessential guide through the digital landscape, Phil Better, this episode was a masterclass on what it truly means for entrepreneurs to invest in…
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Tune into the Invest in Yourself podcast with Paul Better and Paul Stevens for insightful discussions on entrepreneurial success and overcoming adversity. Learn valuable tips to increase efficiency in your personal and professional life.

Joel Stevenson on Entrepreneurship, Acquisitions, and the Power of Humor

Welcome to an exclusive insight into the world of entrepreneurship and the art of acquiring businesses. Today, we sit down with Joel Stevenson, the GM of brand direct brands at Vendasta, who shares his remarkable journey from scaling a start-up to managing the sale of Yesware, and offers valuable insights into how entrepreneurs can invest…
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Tune into the Invest in Yourself podcast with Paul Better and Katie Martin to learn about successful entrepreneurship, fearlessness, and SEO.

Embracing Fearlessness: The Key to Successful Entrepreneurship

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of the conversation between digital entrepreneur Kristina Martin and host Phil Better on the podcast “Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast.” Today, we’ll be diving into the vital topic of fearlessness in entrepreneurship and the relevance of soft skills, gathering insights and quotes to illuminate the journey of investing…
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Invest in yourself with Peter Butler for entrepreneurial success.

Overcoming Adversity: Justin Schenck’s Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success

In the latest episode of “Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast,” host Phil Better crosses paths with Justin Schenck, the mastermind behind the “Growth Now Movement”. Schenck, with his renowned podcast “The Purpose Driven Podcast,” shares his insights on entrepreneurial growth, overcoming adversity, and the surprising simplicity of achieving success. This analytical piece dives…
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Embark on this podcast empire's journey, born on December 1st, 2020, when Phil Better, The Podcast Mogul, launched Invest in Yourself: The Digital Entrepreneur Podcast. From its inception, our network has flourished, earning the prestigious Best Business Podcast of 2020 award with over 400 episodes and multiple spin-off podcasts in development.


Phil Better's vision has evolved to extend a helping hand to individuals seeking self-investment, striving to enable everyone to live their dream life. Our network caters to diverse niches, addressing challenges in various aspects of life and industries.


Join Phil Better and our dynamic hosts as we collectively delve into the world of self-investment, learning from those who have triumphed over challenges you may be facing.

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